Black Rhino Tanks
The Fuel Safe
Black Rhino

The Black Rhino is a self-contained system mounted on a twin-axle trailer. This eliminates any need to install in-ground or above-ground tanks with environmental risks and the time-consuming regulations that go with them. Now, your fueling station can be relocated almost as easily as your construction equipment; the Black Rhino can be moved efficiently and safely from location to location as your progress and needs change.

The Fuel Safe
Do you or your company experience any of the problems associated with refueling your fleet or construction equipment on-site? All of your issues can be settled with Black Rhino, The Fuel Safe from Western Environmental! The Black Rhino will help solve those nagging, expensive and potentially dangerous refueling operations that go on hourly, daily or even weekly at your job site!
Built For You

·  Trailer-mounted 110% secondary containment unit

·  Negotiate better fuel prices by buying in bulk

·  550m tank is baffled and rated to allow for transporting fuel

·  All units can be towed behind a standard pickup truck

·  Containment unit filtering system allows for rain and snow to be drained off while, capturing any petroleum products

·  Spill kits are provided with each unit for clean-up of incidental     fuel spills such as overflow from refueling equipment or vehicles

·  Can be custom built to customer specification

Options and Accessories

Smart Tank - Tank monitoring system allows you to know the exact fuel level of your tank, and schedule automatic delivery

GPS System - To serve the varying needs of our customers, a GPS application solution will be developed upon request

Hitch - Any hitch is no problem for the Black Rhino tank system

Pump - Option between 12v and 110v pump

“Please accept the gratitude of the entire Denver Fire Department for the time and effort you have extended in developing this equipment. Yours is an excellent solution to a real concern.”
Denver Fire Department

“The fuel tank from Western Environmental has been a lifesaver. The Black Rhino tank saves time, money and mileage for our company.”

Jeff Hart - Layne Western

“Your UL-Listed tank with integral dispensing equipment meets or exceeds the current requirements of Denver’s Fire code and national Fire Protection Association Fire Codes and Standards. Your fuel dispensing system has been approved for fueling equipment at construction sites within the City and County of Denver.”

Denver Fire Department